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I’m excited to see the Yeung Photography blog created by Bruce. You can see the latest news / activities from Yeung Photography. I’m glad to meet a friend like Bruce who has unlimited energy and passion for photography. I’m really looking forward to opportunities we can work together on photography. The most important thing, we’re brothers in Christ!

Janel & Justin Wedding

200705 JanelJustin 003 Janel & Justin Wedding
200705 JanelJustin 002 Janel & Justin Wedding
200705 JanelJustin 001 Janel & Justin Wedding
It was fun to shoot Janel and Justin’s wedding in Ocotillo Golf Club. The couple is fun to work with and there is a lot of moments which is worthy to take photos. We were there on Friday to go through the details in the rehearsal dinner. The wedding went very smooth. Bruce and myself stopped by the salon in the morning. Then we shoot the groomsmen while they are changing. We used Lightroom to perform a slideshow during the reception and the guests love it.

I wish Janel & Justin will have a wonderful marriage.

God bless,